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10 Reasons the Horizon Stove is the best portable camping stove around

By Holly Carberry May 24, 2017
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This time of year is prime outdoor cooking season: the weather's getting warmer, the beaches are still uncrowded and the woods are full of lush greenery.

It's a time of year when every one of the Anevay team has a Horizon Stove stowed in the boot of the car ready for dinner on the beach on the way home from work, or impromptu weekend road trips around Cornwall. Sunny days mean we pull out the battered first-generation Horizons and light them up to have our lunches in the sun.

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What is the Horizon, you ask? It's a portable wood burning stove - a rocket stove - that was originally designed for utilitarian purposes, just like our Frontier Stove. The brief was to reduce the harmful effects of open-fire cooking, which causes more deaths per year than malaria and AIDS combined. The outcome? A rugged, sturdy stove that changed lives, and is perfect for the beach, the back garden, that trail you've been hiking... the list goes on.

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We've been loving the Horizon so much, we thought we'd share our reasons why! So here they are. Our top 10 reasons the Horizon Stove is the best portable wood stove around.

1. It's wood-powered. Why is wood so much nicer than gas to cook on? Maybe it's the woodsmokey smell, the crackling of the logs, or the fun of foraging your own firewood... Somehow brewing coffee or cooking dinner on a wood fire feels better than doing the same on a gas stove.

2. It's efficient. Cook a meal on a handful of kindling, twigs or driftwood, and boil litres of water in under 10 minutes. The Horizon is so efficient it burns up almost all the fuel you put in, meaning no smoke and almost no ash left at the end.

3. It's eco-friendly. Wood-powered means no gas canisters filling up landfill, and its clean-burning technology means very low carbon emissions. The Horizon is our favourite eco friendly stove.

4. It's super-portable. With no moving parts, the Horizon is ready to cook on right out of the box. It weighs in at just 2kg, fits into most trekking backpacks and the grippy cage makes it easy to carry with one hand.

5. It's rugged. Sit on it, stand on it, throw it in the back of the campervan... The Horizon, like all our stoves, is designed to stand up to whatever your adventurous life throws at it.

6. It's big enough to cook for a group. Originally designed to replace open fires in rural villages in Africa, the Horizon is super sturdy and stable enough to take a really big pan of water. No more precariously balancing a huge pan on a tiny gas stove!

7. It's ready to cook on in seconds. Literally: drop a firelighter in, a few pieces of kindling, and you're cooking.

8. You get to light stuff on fire. There's something primal about setting things on fire, especially if you get to cook your food over it. It's simple, it's satisfying, and it somehow makes all the stresses of the day melt away.

9. It's smokeless. This comes in handy when you're on a crowded campsite and you don't want to smoke your neighbours out - not to mention the health benefits. The Horizon, like the Frontier Stove, was designed to combat the harmful effects of smoke inhalation in a world where half the population still cooks on open fires. It's done wonders in rural villages who now have a much safer and more efficient way of cooking, and it means you and your family are safer too.

10. Campsites love them! When we launched the Horizon Stove, we contacted lots of campsites to ask them how they'd feel about the Horizon Stove, especially ones which don't allow open fires. Almost overwhelming the answer was yes! Because the fire is contained, they're safe, and they're smokeless, most campsite owners and festival organisers are fine with the Horizon (and your camp-neighbours will definitely come over to check out your awesome bit of kit).


So there you have it! We could go on all day about how much we love this stove, but we'll stop now. Tell us what your favourite thing about the Horizon Stove is in the comments below.

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