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What's in a name?

By Holly Carberry May 8, 2018
When we get the chance to catch up with customers at shows, at Anevay HQ or on the ph... Read More

Topics: Sustainability, design, made to last, plastic free, about anevay

What is eco fuel?

By Holly Carberry January 25, 2018
We love wood. We love the smell of it, the magical lightness of a well-dried piece of... Read More

Topics: eco fuel, woodfuel, eco friendly

Easy camping recipes: foraged apple and blackberry crumble

By Holly Carberry August 31, 2017
Autumn is a great time of year for foraging: the hedgerows and woodlands are full of ... Read More

New deluxe paint finish on Frontier Stove

By Holly Carberry July 28, 2017
Read More

Topics: Anevay News

10 Reasons the Horizon Stove is the best portable camping stove around

By Holly Carberry May 24, 2017
This time of year is prime outdoor cooking season: the weather's getting warmer, the ... Read More

Topics: beach camping, Horizon Stove, beach, eco friendly

Top 10 survival items you didn't know you needed

By Holly Carberry April 28, 2017
Today we're bringing you a guest blog post from Dan Sullivan of Read More

Topics: essential kit, preparedness, survival, top 10

How to choose a stove flashing kit

By Holly Carberry April 21, 2017
So you've chosen your stove, and you're getting ready to fit it into your bell tent, ... Read More

Topics: How To, flashing kit, how to choose a flashing kit

Best Camping Recipes: Banana Pancakes for Shrove Tuesday

By Holly Carberry April 21, 2017
 In honour of Shrove Tuesday, we decided to get out our trusty Netherton Foundry crep... Read More

Topics: camping, stoves, recipes

Easy Camping Recipes: Oatcakes on the Fintan Stove

By Holly Carberry January 26, 2017
Burns Night Recipe: Oatcakes on the Fintan Stove In celebration of Burns Night, we co... Read More

Topics: camping, recipes

10 original design Traveller Stoves available!

By Holly Carberry December 2, 2016
Did you love the design of our original Traveller Stove? We've got just 10 left and w... Read More

Topics: stoves