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Buy British Day

By Holly Carberry Oct 12, 2017 4:42:31 PM
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Today is Buy British Day, an occasion to celebrate all things made in the UK. We are so proud of our UK-made stoves, all hand-built here on our yard in Cornwall. We like to think that manufacturing our own stoves gives us another level of expertise that we can pass on to you: we don't just sell stoves, but design them, test them, and build them. We add little things, like the airwash system on our Traveller, Shepherd, Fintan and Tana Stoves that keeps the glass clean, or the Fintan's removable cooking plates, all designed make your stove the very best out there.

We use our stoves every day. We have a forest green Traveller Stove keeping Anevay HQ warm and toasty through the colder months, and when it's sunny we light up a couple of Horizons for a quick BBQ lunch. We've got Frontier Stoves in our back gardens, Horizons in the boot of our cars for the beach, and a couple of well-used Frontier Plus stoves that we take camping with us. We're constantly tweaking the design, changing what needs to be changed and listening to your feedback (that's how the Frontier Plus was born). When we realised we had an endless stream of people turning up wanting stoves to heat their converted vans, we designed the Shepherd Stove to keep those tiny spaces cosy. When we went to glamping shows and realised that tents were getting bigger than our office, we designed the Tana Stove to cater to really big spaces like tipis, yurts and living rooms.

made in cornwall collage 2760 x 1305.jpg

That's just one of the reasons we love making stuff in the UK: we have complete control over everything we create, and we can tailor it to exactly what you, our customers, need. The other reason - a biggie - is that we can support local industry, companies just like us who are making stuff in the UK. We buy many of the components and materials for our stoves from suppliers less than 10 miles away from us.

If you're looking for a stove for your van, tent, yurt, back garden or any other reason in your adventurous life, and you'd like to buy one that's made in Cornwall, check out our range below.

outside pics_36.jpg Limited green stove-734095-edited-934621-edited-708522-edited.jpg Fintan-38-1-193365-edited-248933-edited-665650-edited-767406-edited.jpg Copy of Tana 5(1)-533260-edited-587159-edited.jpg


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