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DIY: Your Own Garden Festival

By Mandy Cronje May 24, 2018 9:34:18 PM


Ok. So. Your camping plans for the weekend haven’t quite come together and you can feel those summer festival vibes are beginning to take hold – but you’re stuck at home, over a bank holiday weekend, and the slightly damp weather has caused your inspiration to fizzle out.


Festival 1

As a company we love any excuse to come together, to celebrate and to spend time with friends and family around fire (see here). So what better way to hang out with those you love than to put together a mini festival in your garden or outdoor space!

Our suggestions for what you'll need to create your own garden festival vibe:

  • A garden or outdoor space (hard to come by in some parts of the UK, we know, but go up if there is nothing down below – a rooftop terrace would work brilliantly!)
  • A few rustic rugs and throws
  • A scatter of cushions
  • LOADS of candles
  • Fairy lights (solar-powered lights are great as – obvs – no need for electricity!)
  • An old pallet or couple of pieces of wood (to be used as a low table)
  • A guitar-playing friend (bribe him with beer if necessary! If you don’t have one of these, throw a festival playlist together on Sonos / Spotify or the like.
  • Some good wine
  • Food – Essential. Make it a bring-and-share so that everyone contributes their favourite party food dish. Think olives, an interesting bread (you could pop it on the second-last bullet point below to cook, puff pastry tart etc – see Jamie for some inspiration...
  • Things to hang in the trees (by things we mean hearts, ribbons, bunting, old lampshades (yes – looks ace!)
  • Optional bonus: a tipi or tent! This is taking things to the next level but if you can, why not! Make a weekend of it and get guests to bring their sleepover goodies. We love Lotus Belle Tents and have recently fallen in love with Cornish Tent Company's instagram feed – check them out!
  • Guests – invite those peeps who are always up for a laugh and who you know you’ll have a fab, relaxed time with.
  • A wood-burning stove – we couldn’t possibly leave this one off the list! We love the Frontier Plus for a garden festival because of its glass door, allowing fire views that simply ramp up the ambience like nothing else. Not to mention the long flue that carries smoke away and the surprisingly immense heat that this perfectly portable gadget gives off. Place the stove near the gathering and your evening will immediately lengthen as it pumps out warmth for as long as you keep adding the wood!
  • Wood (see above and also here)

We think that pretty much covers it! Add all of the above together and prepare for the best bank holiday weekend.

All the thanks we require? An image or two from your gorgeous garden gathering ♥

P.S. (a quick little punt) - if the second last bullet point is missing from your list, pop over here ↓ very quickly and add it to your repertoire. You will be envied by your guests and you’ll find yourselves living the outdoor life to the max :)

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