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Flipping Good Pancakes!

By Mandy Cronje May 7, 2018 10:01:00 AM


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There are few better things than waking up on a Monday morning and feeling a flood of relief and gratefulness that work is delayed for another day. A little gift brought to us by Early May.

Our favourite bank holiday tradition is to (after a long and lazy lie-in) congregate in our kitchen and throw together some pancakes. In light (pun intended) of the beautiful weather on this bank holiday weekend, we decided to step outside and see how the pancakes turned out when cooked on our Frontier Plus. The Netherton Foundry 10 inch and 8 inch glamping pans were the perfect accomplices to our adventure (as an aside, here is a great article on caring for your Netherton pan - they are worth looking after!).

And an adventure it certainly was. Our Frontier Plus lives permanently under a shelter in our back garden, in a bit of a makeshift cooking area. The dear stove is somewhat weathered but very much loved, as we cook on it just about every weekend (I sincerely believe that every family needs one of these in their lives - we spend so much more time outdoors and 'screen-free' because of it).

I digress. We got the fire roaring in roughly 3 minutes and allowed the crêpes to cook away, removing the top plate when we felt that they needed a bit more heat. They cooked in next to no time (about 60 seconds per pancake) and the kids busied themselves in the garden, poking their heads over every so often to check on the progress, whilst we sat around the stove flipping and clandestinely munching.

The end result of our pancake pilgrimage? Satisfied bellies, satisfied hearts and all fuelled by fire. The pictures tell it all. With a sprinkling of cinnamon-sugar and a strong squeeze of lemon juice, those bits of fluffy warm goodness perfectly cooked on the fire, started our work-free Monday in the best way possible.

Do it. My mouth is watering in memory even as I write.


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Here’s our bog-standard pancake recipe to get you going:


3 cups plain flour

3 eggs (we used *the best* organic eggs, bought from a little boy down the road)

3 tsp bicarbonate of soda

1 tsp salt

1 cup milk

1 cup water

Oil for cooking


Mix dry ingredients together in a bowl and make a well in the centre.

Mix wet ingredients (including eggs) together in a jug and pour into dry ingredients.

Mix well, eliminating any lumps.

Heat some oil on the pans and pour mixture in, ready to flip when the pancake is cooked on one side.


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