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Frontier Friday: Chocobana

By Mandy Cronje Jul 6, 2018 1:03:21 PM

It's World Chocolate Day tomorrow, so here at Anevay HQ we are under duress to focus today's Frontier Friday on the subject of chocolate. Well, if we absolutely have to, here's our quick and easy recipe for what we have termed 'Chocobana'...



Chocolate chips


Mini marshmallows

Waffle Cones

Ice-cream (optional)

Tin foil

Frontier plus :)

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1. Fill a waffle cone with delectable chocolate chips, chopped up banana and some mini marshmallows.

2. Wrap the cone in tin foil.

3. Put the foil cone on the fire and turn frequently

4. Check that the marshmallows have melted before removing from the fire.

5. Serve with ice-cream if you're feeling particularly indulgent!! 


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