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Frontier Stove vs. Frontier Plus

By Holly Carberry Mar 23, 2018 6:43:49 PM
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A few of our customers have been asking us to explain the differences between the Frontier Stove and the Frontier Plus. Both are portable wood burning stoves that can be packed up and carried with you, designed for cooking and heating in canvas tents, small spaces and outdoors. Although the two look quite similar, there are a few key features that set them apart, and they're each suited to different activities.

If you're trying to decide which of these two portable stoves to choose from, here's a breakdown of the similarities and difference between the two to help you decide which one's right for your adventures.



First of all, to make comparing the two stoves easy for you, we've put together a handy table with all of the features of the Frontier and Frontier Plus, including weight, flue size, and other extras like air intake.

Both stoves are portable woodburners with a flue that comes apart and can be packed up inside the body of the stove for easy carrying. They're both designed for cooking as well as heating, with space on top for pans or even bread cooked directly on the top of the stove, and a removable top plate so you can cook directly on the flames. Check out our infographic for the rest of the features:


Olive Green Grid Comparison Chart.jpg


Which one best suits your needs?

The Frontier is best for outdoor cooking, and short camping trips when it's used in canvas tent like a bell tent or tipi. This is because the narrow flue needs cleaning out regularly (around every 24 hours of use). It's the most lightweight of our portable woodburners, and so it's a great choice for heading down to the beach for a bit of outdoor cooking.

The Frontier Plus is the best option for camping in bell tents or tipis. The larger flue has a better draw than the Frontier's narrower one, and will only need cleaning out once or twice a year. This makes the stove easier to light and operate, and means it'll stay lit for longer without you having to tend it. Due to the secondary air control vent on the door, it's easier to control temperature with the Frontier Plus - and the glass door means you can keep an eye on the fire without having to open the door.

If you're putting stoves in tents to rent out to guests, then we recommend the Frontier Plus, as it's very easy to use - even for people who aren't used to woodburners.


Why is the Frontier Plus more expensive than the Frontier?

We get asked this question a lot, probably because the two stoves look quite similar from afar. Although they're alike in the basic design, they're actually two quite different stoves: they are suited for different activities, and the Frontier Plus has lots of key features that the Frontier doesn't (think of it as the Frontier 2.0):

  • Glass door with airwash system to keep the glass clean
  • Secondary air intake on door for better temperature control
  • Larger flue for better draw and less frequent cleaning
  • Thicker, more heavy-duty body construction
  • Spark arrestor included.

We feel strongly about designing and manufacturing great quality products built to last, and making them available to you - our customers - for a fair price. When pricing our stoves, we look at how much each one costs us to build. Essentially, the Frontier Stove costs less to make because there are less moving parts: it's all cold-rolled steel, whereas the Frontier Plus has extras like the air intake vent on the door, with heatproof wooden knobs, and of course the glass door.

The Frontier Plus uses more material, due to its larger size and the increased thickness in the body and top plate (see our comparison table above for respective material thickness). The more heavy-duty construction of the Frontier Plus makes it more durable and hard-wearing: it'll last longer and stand up to heavier adventuring and rolling around in the back of a campervan!

The Frontier Plus also comes with its own spark arrestor included in the flue sections that store inside the stove body.

We channeled all of the feedback we received on our Frontier Stove into the design of the Frontier Plus, helping us design the ultimate portable wood burning stove. The Frontier Stove is a fantastic stove, and to this day a cult favourite - we are so proud of its design, its history and the people it's helped along the way. With the Frontier Plus we took a good design - one that was conceived of for an extreme, utilitarian environment (the disaster zones where people needed safe, efficient cooking and heating) - and improved on it, making it more relevant and useful to our customers now.


outside set_23-2.jpg


If you've been trying to decide which of the two stoves will add the most to your adventures, we hope this has cleared things up. If you've still got questions, or you'd just like to chat to us about which one we think would work best for you, feel free to get in touch.

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