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National BBQ Week

By Dawie Cronje May 29, 2018 11:24:35 PM


Cooking on fire is part of who I am. It is how I was raised and forms a significant part of my earlier memories of how life should be. 

I spent most of my childhood growing up in a small town in South Africa, where barbecuing (we called it “brigh-ing”) was pretty much the only way to cook food. Think long, slow summer evenings, a big group of parents sitting around the fire whilst their children make dens, forts and adventures out of the plain and simple environment around them. A life lived slow and fire-filled.

When I first came across Anevay and its suite of stoves, I immediately fell in love with the company, its products, and its ethos. Naturally, I wanted to put the stoves to the test and they became part of our outdoor setup at home. It was only when I started using these heat and cooking-surface generators that I realised the immense value in them, and saw why - back when it all started - they spoke to both the safety and cooking needs of those in the most dire of circumstances.

Why BBQing This Way Works:

As the chief ‘barbecuer’, using the Frontier Plus, I no longer need to be removed from the rest of the crowd whilst cooking as 'smoke in the face' has become a non-issue. Add to that the insane ease of starting the fire as well as the whopping heat that the stove puts out, and I cannot fathom how I could possibly go back to cooking pre-Frontier.

Using the Frontier/Frontier Plus as a barbecue has quite literally changed our lives. Previously, the idea of cooking on the beach or in the woods made me sigh heavily at the thought of having to concoct an easy, quick, safe route for getting our food grilled. Now it's a case of popping our stove into its bag, slinging it over my shoulder and knowing I have the compact fuel I need to start the fire in a matter of minutes, cook our meal, and still have lingering heat for as long as we need it (read: marshmallows on sticks over still-burning fire). 

Coming Full Circle:

I am now a parent and fire is an integral part of my childrens' lives - our eight year old loves lighting his own fire in the Frontier and has recently graduated to being able to grill his own burger on a mini grid, sized just for him. The joy, freedom and independence that this brings continues to fan the flames of love that I have for our products. I recently tested a 'traditional' BBQ and this made me even more convinced about my conversion to Frontier grilling. No faff. No smoke. Quick fire. And no lonely cooking. This really works. I challenge you to give it a try.

Watch It Being Done:

Check out our National BBQ Week Vlog where I use the Frontier Plus to grill some tasty chicken for the family:


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