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Using the Horizon Stove on Campsites

By Lyssa-Fee Crump Sep 26, 2014 1:56:29 PM

We hope that all of you who have got your hands on a Horizon stove are enjoying yourselves and getting out there for some adventurous outdoor cooking (even if it’s just in your back garden!).



Of course the Horizon is a great bit of kit to take camping with you, and this means that lots of you will be wanting to take it to campsites! The lovely folks over at Get Out With The Kids have done a little recon for us and asked lots of campsites what they thought about people using the Horizon stove on site. We couldn’t be more pleased with the responses – 100% of campsite owners asked were perfectly happy to have the Horizon stove used on-site.

Here are some of the responses:

Looks great. At least it won’t burn the grass!

It looks like a really good device.

We would have no concerns at all, so long as people do not burn our grass or other people’s tents, we are happy.

Looks great – I’d be fine with that.

Can’t see any probs except it burns very little wood, so my wood sales would go down!

So you can rest assured that when you take your trusty Horizon with you to your favourite campsite, you shouldn’t have any problems. As it’s smokeless, you won’t bother other campers if they’re camped nearby – so they’re more likely to share their marshmallows with you!

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