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What are you waiting for? Go glamping!

By Lyssa-Fee Crump Nov 26, 2014 1:13:28 PM

Are you feeling the winter blues yet? Wishing you could drop everything and snuggle up with a glass of wine somewhere scenic and remote? We've got just the solution, and it's easier than you think.

snowy trees

There are hundreds of amazing glamp-sites where you can jet off and spend a glorious week in a luxurious tent. But you don’t need to spend hundreds of pounds or travel to far-away locations to get your glamp on! One of the greatest things about glamping is that you get the cosy comforts of a nice holiday in a hotel, but it’s so much closer to nature and that means it’s more flexible and doesn’t require all the extensive planning and booking that can take the fun out of a holiday before it’s even started.

If you’re lucky enough to have some kind of canvas tent, like a bell tent or a tipi, you’re halfway there already. Canvas tents are a great investment as they’ll last forever and are much better suited to extreme weather – they don’t overheat in the sun like polyester tents and in the winter can house a stove to keep you lovely and cosy!

If you don’t have a canvas tent, don’t worry; glamping is all about being cosy and comfortable and so long as you are, you’re sorted. Get hold of the biggest tent you can find (ask around among friends and family) or see if you can commandeer a camper van for the weekend.

Essential Kit

What you’re looking for is comfort and luxury, so think air mattresses, big squashy pillows and lots and lots of cosy throws.

Candles and lanterns are great to make your camp glow and feel really special . Remember to be extra careful if using candles outside or inside a tent; setting them in glass holders will make them more stable or use battery-operated candles and lanterns, which are just as lovely but much safer.

A few strings of battery-operated fairy lights are an essential glamping accessory. String them up inside your tent or in the trees around your camp. Bunting – the glamping classic – will also help make your camp look magical.

Folding table and chairs. Having a table to eat off means you’ll be eating your lovely outdoor meal in style. You can even save on space by using a big storage box covered with a throw or tablecloth as a table.

A big awning or tarp is a great idea to keep you sheltered just in case it decides to pour down with rain (likely). It means you don’t get confined to the tent in bad weather and can still enjoy yourselves outdoors, listening to the sound of the rain as you cosy up with a glass of wine!


When it comes to choosing food for your glamping trip, leave the beans behind and think gourmet. Compared to eating at a restaurant, buying and bringing your own food with you is much cheaper, so treat yourself to a nice bottle of wine or two.

Remember to bring wine glasses (even if they are plastic): there’s nothing glamorous about drinking wine from a tin mug!

Plan a special meal that you can cook at your camp once you’re set up. There are lots of great recipes that you can easily whip up outdoors and don’t require too many fancy ingredients. Take a look at the recipes on our blog for some inspiration, and find tips on building up an essential camp kitchen arsenal here.

Remember the little extras that make camping special: marshmallows for toasting over the fire, hot chocolate, or even popcorn (great if you’re bringing the kids along), which you can pop in a pan over a stove or fire.


What are your glamping must-haves? Got any great tricks that make your glam camp extra-gorgeous? Let us know in the comments below, or on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

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