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What kind of winter camper are you?

By Lyssa-Fee Crump Nov 7, 2014 2:20:56 PM

Do you love to camp in luxury or do you prefer to brave the elements? Take our quiz to work out what kind of winter camper you are – and see which of our stoves for tents suits you best!

Winter camping

You’re heading off on a camping trip. What sort of food are you going to bring with you?

a. Army ration packs, freeze-dried meals and high-calorie energy bars – the bare minimum. You don’t want to be weighed down with too much food!

b. Proper coffee, cheese and crackers and a bottle of wine. Who says you can’t have luxury in the woods?

c. Burgers, sausages and a keen eye for foraging. You like to keep it simple and get on with enjoying the outdoors!


What’s your idea of an ideal weekend spent out in the wild?

a. A couple of days surviving in the woods, foraging or catching your food, building a shelter and maybe doing some carving with your trusty knife.

b. Curling up in your bell tent on a beautifully made-up air mattress with a glass of wine, watching the flames in your log burner.

c. A hard day’s cold water surfing followed by a few beers on the beach and then piling in to your campervan for the night as it gets chilly.


It’s freezing! What are you going to do to warm up?

a. Is it cold? You hadn’t noticed. You keep on the move tracking animals through the woods, and even if you were stranded in the forest, you know how to build a leaf litter shelter that would keep you warm.

b. Luckily you’ve brought lots of soft and cosy blankets you can snuggle up in – all coordinated, of course.

c. Someone gets a guitar out and you all have a groove under the stars… bliss!


You’re offered the chance to escape the rain and go away on a winter holiday somewhere exciting. What comes to mind?

a. Going on a survivalist course somewhere with lots of wilderness where you can really get away, like Canada, and learning how to survive on your wits when things really get tough.

b. Spending a couple of weeks skiing in Switzerland and retiring to your kitted-out tipi for the evenings in a beautiful snowy forest.

c. An overland trip through Europe, camping wherever you like, meeting new people and checking out some amazing countryside.


OK – results time! Count up your answers and look below to see what kind of winter camper you really are…




Mostly As. You’re a… Tough Camper.

You like working with your hands and pushing yourself to the limit. Pack up your Frontier stove and your fishing gear and get your Bushcraft on!

frontier landrover crop

Mostly Bs. You’re a… Glam Camper.

When you go camping you like to do it in style – no sleeping on any hard floors for you! Fire up your Traveller Stove and cook up a delicious meal for yourselves in your beautiful tent.


Mostly Cs. You’re a… Fun Camper.

You’re a thrill-seeking adventurer always on the lookout for new ways to have fun. You chuck your Horizon in the back of the car, pick a place on the map and off you go!

horizon cropped




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