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The Traveller Stove: one year on...

By Lyssa-Fee Crump Dec 5, 2014 4:21:20 PM

We received a lovely email the other day from Michael, a customer of ours who was one of the very first proud owners of a Traveller Stove. It's always great to hear all about the adventures our stoves go on and this story is especially lovely. This Traveller's even got a name: Peter the Heater!

For anyone who is thinking of fitting a stove in their bus or van - or would just like to see 'Peter' in action! - Michael has very kindly offered to show anyone who'd like a look around his stove. It's always good to talk to someone who's done it all before you take the plunge, especially as the Traveller is a relatively new product for us.

Happy Christmas,

Thought I would contact you to tell you how the Traveller Stove I bought 12 months ago is getting on.

The stove was fitted into my bus in West Wales a year ago and at the time it was I believe a relatively new product for you. All the assistance with choosing the chimney sections and fittings for the roof were great.

Moving on .. initially used coal and wood but found it difficult to keep in over night. Now using the compressed sawdust products which give great heat, little ash and are easy to store. The stove now runs permanently, if the weather is not too cold I need do nothing to it from going to bed one night till early next evening, pop in some kindling and away it goes again. No need for firelighters. It is very easy to control and has been named "Peter",, the heater !!

Anybody considering a van stove would be well advised to consider the Traveller. I have come across people with converted gas bottles that seem brilliant as long as they are endlessly tended and also people with larger stoves that are just too powerful .

One benefit I never thought of when buying was the fact that the stove body is set forward. The insulation behind the stove therefore is easily adequate for the heat generated.

All in all the stove is great and the service and assistance from yourselves was perfect.

Happy Christmas


Traveller Stove (15)

Anyone who's in South Wales and would like to meet Michael (and Peter), or would just like to talk to Michael about fitting the stove in a bus or van, let us know and we'll put you in touch.

Happy Christmas Michael, and happy birthday to Peter the Heater!

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