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Winter Camping Hacks: 5 Ways to Keep Kids Entertained Winter Camping

By Lyssa-Fee Crump Dec 12, 2014 4:55:19 PM

While it might be a bit cold for camping with little ones in a tent, there are loads of great glamping options, like yurts, tipis and all sorts of weird and wonderful camping pods that will allow you to enjoy the great outdoors without freezing at night. We think any excuse to get outside, especially when the weather's trying its hardest to keep you inside, is awesome. So keep kids busy, warm, and engaged and there's no reason you shouldn't have an amazing trip that everyone enjoys and will remember forever.

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1. Keep them entertained. The root of kids going wild when you’re camping is boredom. Circumvent this by making sure you’ve got a great arsenal of games, toys, books and puzzles for kids to keep busy with. Prepare for good and bad weather: a cheap rounders bat and ball guarantees hours of fun if the weather’s nice but won’t see you through a rainy day stuck in your tent – and let’s face it, if your camping in the UK in winter, it’s probably going to rain.

2. Wrap up warm. Nobody’s happy when they’re cold and wet, especially little ones, so make sure you’ve got lots of dry clothes for everyone and waterproofs in case it rains. Don’t underestimate the number of dry socks you will need, so pack extra and then chuck in another pair or two for luck. Remember you can dry your socks using your stove!

3. Food! Campfire cooking is a great opportunity to get a little messy as you’re out in the wild, so be creative! Getting kids involved in food preparation will keep them out of trouble and it’s a good way to teach them about cooking in a fun setting. Try something that’s easy and doesn’t require too much complicated preparation, like this great recipe for Tacos in a Bag from our pals at Get Out With the Kids.

4. Let them learn. The great outdoors is the best classroom for kids, and there’s just as much to see and do in winter time as in summer. Try taking a wild walk and identifying as many winter plants, trees and berries as you can (you can pick up flora and fauna identifying handbooks quite cheaply or download an app). Look out for wildlife too – if it’s snowing you can try to identify different animal tracks and droppings.

5. Get them involved in setting up camp. You can teach kids lots of useful skills on a camping trip: how to pitch a tent, string up a tarp, and lay a fire. Teaching them the ropes as you set everything up will not only keep them engaged but will also make kids more likely to keep the camp clean as they’ve helped to make it!


What are your top tips for keeping kids entertained when you're camping? Are you a regular winter camper or would you rather not? Let us know in the comments below!

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