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Medieval camping with Mittelalter-Zelte 24!

By Holly Feb 3, 2015 4:55:38 PM

Today we're catching up with Mittelalter-Zelte 24, one of our German retailers who sell everything you need for medieval re-enactments and LARPing (Live Action RolePlay). They've got everything from medieval clothing to furniture, tents, and of course lovely Frontier Stoves so you can go on LARPing right through the year!


Hello Mittelalter-Zelte 24! How did you get started in the medieval re-enactment business?

We began as a tent dealer in 2009 and since have established ourselves as one of the leading providers of medieval tent and storage requirements, as well as moving into camping. We are proud and very thankful for our loyal customers.

What is it about the outdoors that gets you fired up?

Our biggest passion is camping - as simple as possible, but also as comfortable as possible!

How did you hear about the Frontier Stove?

We heard about it from satisfied customers!

What's your best camping story?

We do a lot of camping - our best stories are from time spent on Middle Ages and LARP events and there are way too many stories to tell…

What's unique about Mittelalter-Zelte 24?

We are constantly working to expand our product line and to make our products in the Middle Ages shop even better. In addition to the medieval tents we offer a wide range of storage needs, drapery and furniture. Since our inception, we have improved steadily and in the second half of 2012 opened our online shop. It's a unique blend of scene platform and online shop.

Sounds like you're pretty clued up when it comes to the re-enactment and LARPing scene...

We are! On our website and in-store you will find also numerous tips and tricks for your tent, as well as a marketplace for used tents, and current topics and news from the scene.

Also, the reason we are always open to suggestions or criticisms. We would like to offer you the best service. But our team is working every day!

Thanks guys! We've got a sudden hankering for a bit of medieval re-enactment now...



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