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Quiz: Which tent should you choose?

By Lyssa-Fee Crump Feb 6, 2015 4:42:53 PM

So the real camping season is just around the corner, and it may be that you're in need of a new tent. Take our Friday quiz to help you decide which one to pick.

sunny grass

When it comes to choosing your kit for a camping trip, what’s most important?

  1. It needs to be as lightweight as possible, and pack down small to fit in your pack.
  2. Comfort and space. When you pitch up, you want as much room as possible – who wants to cram into a tiny tent?
  3. A compromise: you like space, but you don’t want to carry a lot of huge, heavy equipment.


You need something to cook your dinner on – what kind of stove are you going to bring?

  1. A tiny, pocket multifuel stove or gas stove. Anything over 100g and it’s not going to cut it!
  2. A lovely woodburner that you can fit into your tent. You like to keep the tent cosy, and you need something to cook a warming stew on.
  3. Something sturdy and portable, like a rocket stove or a Frontier.


It’s raining. What do you do?

  1. Get wet. You’re trying to bag that next peak, and a little bit of rain isn’t going to stop you.
  2. Light the logburner, brew up some hot chocolate on your stove, and get cosy looking out at the rain pouring outside.
  3. Take the opportunity to test out your bushcraft skills, and cook your dinner under a tarp you rig up between the trees.


How long does it usually take you to plan for your camping trips?

  1. As little as five minutes: just as long as it takes you to grab your pack and head for the hills.
  2. Weeks. Once you’ve booked your campsite, you like to make sure you’ve planned everything down to the last tea light, including your meals so you don’t end up wasting food.
  3. A couple of days. Usually you’ll decide you’re going camping, and then it’s just a matter of throwing everything in the car or a bag and getting on out there.


Now - count up how many of each letter you answered, and check out the results below!


Mostly As.

You should take…. A lightweight one-man tent.

You need something you can grab and go, that’ll fit in your backpack with room left over for your tarp and lightweight stove. You often head out on a whim, following your favourite route or trying a new one, and will pitch up on the way up the hill once it gets dark.


Mostly Bs.

You should take…. A canvas bell tent.

You like a little space, and the ability to cook a delicious meal right inside your tent is important for you. When you’re choosing a tent, you want somewhere you can stretch out, get cosy, and enjoy the wonderful outdoors in style.


Mostly Cs.

You should take… A polycotton tipi tent.

When you go camping, you need enough space to be comfortable, but you don’t want to be weighed down by bringing too much kit with you – you like to be ready for anything! A bit of bad weather has never stopped you from heading out, so you need a tent that can stand the test of time, weather the elements, and still get nice and cosy inside.

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