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Burning Peat: A Lesser Known Renewable Fuel

By Lyssa-Fee Crump Mar 17, 2015 11:35:43 AM

Happy St Patricks day to you all!
Today is a day I love to celebrate, partly because my Granddad was from Dublin, he was a true Irishman and partly because I love any excuse to enjoy a pint of Guinness!

I have fond memories of visiting Ireland when I was younger, we would go to stay with my family and friends.
A few memories that really stand out are watching my first  Hurling game, visiting the stunning Cashel Castle and my 8th birthday which was spent on a boat trip in Dingle Bay meeting Fungie the dolphin.

However one thing that really sticks in my head about my visits is that they burnt peat on their stoves- this was something that was mind blowing to me at the time as I had never seen anything like it.

Peat burning Photo Courteous of Bill Streever.

Peat is partially decomposed vegetable matter which forms in boggy ground- sounds delightful! However it can be compressed into briquettes which makes it significantly easier to handle and use and it actually smells amazing! These briquettes are made from a natural, renewable source that is extremely dry and are very easy to light.  You can burn them in a wood burner or a multi-fuel stove.
The briquettes are compact, which is great for space saving storage. They also burn for a surprising amount of time, 6 Briquettes should lasts around 3 hours.
It is extremely environmentally friendly, as it is smoke free and the natural stocks are quickly replenished.

We love finding sustainable and renewable resources, we only have the one planet.  So we wanted to share this excellent fuel with you, in case you didn't already know about it.
You can buy Peat briquettes easily online, if you can't find a local supplier, from people like The Luxury Wood Company and  Logs Direct. 
So give it a go, and please let us know how you get on. We promise you will fall in love with the smell if nothing else.

Photo courtesy of Bill Streever: Biologist and Author.

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