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Gourmet cooking on the Frontier Stove

By Holly Jul 9, 2015 4:44:31 PM

We've recently linked up with Phil Leverington, the Demo Chef of 'One Knife, One Pan, One Dish' fame, who cooks fantastic gourmet meals outdoors.

We challenge you to watch this video of Phil cooking up venison and black garlic with a cabbage and black pudding salad topped with oak roast salmon and finished with a red wine sauce on his Frontier Stove. You can find the recipe on his website here.

If you thought outdoor cooking was all about sausages and burgers, think again. We like to think outside the box with our outdoor cooking, and that's why what Phil does resonates with us so much. Getting creative on your stove doesn't have to involve hundreds of bags, bottles, utensils and ingredients: it can be as simple as one pan, one knife and one dish and a few quick ingredients thrown together.



What's the most creative thing you've ever cooked up on your stove? Get involved in the outdoor cooking revolution and let us know. If you're on Twitter, connect with hundreds of others getting creative on their stoves with the hashtag #FrontierStove and share your recipes, successes and disasters! We post super-easy, exciting recipes regularly so check back on the blog.


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