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Baking bread in the Frontier Stove

By Holly Oct 12, 2015 4:39:07 PM

We get some great ideas from people who cook and bake all sorts of great things on their stoves. Recently we heard from a lady who often bakes bread in her Frontier Stove! We've baked potatoes and little cakes in oranges, and we've made flatbreads on top, but we haven't ever baked bread inside the stove itself. We were eager to hear how it turned out, and so our customer Tracey kindly shared how she goes about doing it.


Two out of the oven and one ready to go in. Two out of the oven and one ready to go in.



baking bread 2 Look at that crumb structure! #GBBO



Tracey says:

I just follow a recipe on a bag of strong plain flour, use quantities for a 1lb loaf because that a about the biggest tin I can get in the stove. Try and make sure the stove has become very hot and then push the fire right to the far end. Make up the bread dough and leave to rise in a warm place (my shed!). Then pop the tin inside the stove, try to angle it so it doesn't touch the actual fire. Don't open the door for at least ten minutes but sometime after that turn the tin around for evenness. I then just keep checking until I think it's cooked. It needs to have a hollow sound when tapped. Because I haven't learned to control the temperature of the stove it really is rather random but I have made a successful loaf today.

Have you ever made bread in your Frontier stove? If you have, or if you give Tracey's recipe a try, let us know!  

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