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Frontier Plus and Horizon Stove pre-order

By Holly Oct 22, 2015 4:45:33 PM

If you missed out on pledging for a Frontier Plus stove through our Kickstarter campaign (HUGE thanks to all those who supported our project!), you're in luck: the Frontier Plus is now available to pre-order on our website!


In more exciting news, the Horizon Stove is also now available to pre-order.

We'll be bringing you the Horizon Stove for 2016 with a new, lightweight design. Some of the feedback we had on the original Horizon Stove was that it was a just a little heavy, when most people are carrying the stove by hand down to the beach, and often with other bags/children/pets in the other hand! So we went back to the drawing board, and took a good look at how we could adapt it to be easier to carry whilst still being just as sturdy as the original. We're pretty pleased with the results!

A super-efficient rocket stove, the Horizon is smokeless once lit: no more smoke in your eyes when barbecuing on the beach. It runs on just a handful of twigs or driftwood.

The outer cage remains cool throughout cooking, so you can pick it up if you need to.

Once you’re finished cooking, just tip out the ash and it’s ready to transport. Always make sure any embers are fully extinguished before you leave.


ETA on both stoves is January/February 2016.

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