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Stove mods: tell us about yours!

By Holly Oct 14, 2015 4:29:08 PM

At Anevay HQ today we've been talking about all the great mods to the Frontier Stove (and Horizon, and Traveller) we've seen over the years. From simple modifications to genius-level hacks, we love hearing about your clever ideas.


From toasting racks, to fish-smokers, to complicated rigs that can heat up a whole pool using the heat of the Frontier Stove, we've seen them all!

We're researching a blog post on cool stove mods we've heard of, so let us know yours (plus pictures if you've got them) and we'll feature you on the blog! Share with us on here, on Twitter, or email us at


[Thanks to this post for the grill rack photos:]

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