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Frontier and Traveller in Off-Grid Builds

By Holly May 17, 2016 1:57:28 PM

We were catching up with our friends at Echo Living the other day, and they sent us over the most amazing photos of the Frontier and Traveller Stoves installed in their small, sustainable off-grid buildings, so we thought we'd share them with you!

Rusco stove

If you've been dreaming of buying or building anything similar, then these photos should convince you to take the plunge. The rugged mountains in the background, the wild woodland, the rolling fields... who wouldn't want to build a little cabin somewhere like that and snuggle up by a stove every night?

We were having a discussion at Anevay HQ this morning about the rise of the tiny house, the van conversion and the off-grid build, and the movement of this lifestyle from the fringes into the mainstream. Living off-grid is nothing new - people have been doing this for centuries - but there's a real trend for a more small-scale, sustainable way of living.  Rising rents and house prices, the increased cost of living and the growing stresses of everyday life mean that the idea of getting away from it all is more beautiful than ever.

Here's the Traveller Stove in one of Echo Living's bespoke buildings:

Rusco From Slot window

rusco stove edit

Rusco Tower Garden Room

Rusco window

And a few of the Frontier Stove in their Stargazer woodland room:


Stargazer exterior 2

Stargazer - interior view through window

Satrgazer Slot Window

If you'd like advice on what you'll need installing one of our stoves in a build like this, do contact us and we'll be happy to help you.

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