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Slow Monday...

By Mandy Cronje May 14, 2018 1:40:38 PM


Monday kind of has that slow feeling. But slow for all the wrong reasons. The ‘Sunday night blues’ often trail a few footprints across the sand of Monday morning and thoughts of a WHOLE WEEK looming ahead can seem overwhelming.

The answer? Make it slow for all the right reasons.

Who says we need to jump into Monday with mind whirring and energy pumping? Why not make Monday an extension of Sunday and continue slowly into the week...

Let’s break it down: Monday morning, 6am the alarm goes off. Ordinarily, I would slam the snooze and roll over, replaying all the “oh no it’s Monday again” memes that are still fresh in my memory from last night’s Facebook trawl.

But. Slow Monday.

Start slow, think slow. The house is quiet, and I could have a cup of tea with – just me. And I do. And as I sit with my brew, instead of Monday dreading, I choose to do weekend reliving. Going over in my head those precious moments from a full and fulfilling two days off. Children laughing, sun shining, fire braai-ing (as a South African, I cannot call it BBQ-ing!), and that in life which matters.

I can do this now. I can enter the week, knowing that it has started well because of what has been. I have slowed it down. For all the right reasons.

Happy Slow Monday.


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