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The story of the Anevay wolf

By Holly Carberry May 15, 2018 9:19:57 PM
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We've explained why we chose the name Anevay - now it's time to explain why we chose the famous wolf as our logo. Read on to find out why the wolf, for us, represents everything about the natural world that we want to embody as a company, and take some time to watch an amazing short video we came across recently: you'll never look at wolves the same way again.

slow monday

The wolf symbol is connected to the Native American traditions our name is from: traditions of community, of fire, and living in harmony with the natural world. It's a universal symbol of the wild, the outdoors, and for us it represents everything we want Anevay to be built around. For some we've met, it reminds them of Scandinavian imagery: another part of the world where fire forms a crucial part of community and culture.

Wolves bring to mind forests, and wilderness, and like fire they have kind of elemental quality to them: the wolf running with its pack is the exact opposite of a day cooped up inside in front of a computer, and that's what we love about the outdoors. It's a chance to step away from life's hustle and bustle and take it slow, take the time to watch the flames flicker in the fire and cook real food, to be enjoyed outside in the fresh air.

If you've got five minutes, make a cup of tea and watch this amazing short video about the way that wolves shape the world around them. It's an incredible example of the connectedness of the natural world, and we think it highlights brilliantly why we chose a wolf as our logo.



We want our stoves to shape the world around them: to change the way you spend time outdoors, to enable you to be outside more, to slow down and enjoy the trees, the breeze and the waves. We love the way a whole weekend can be built around fire, and the rituals that go with it: going to the woodpile to choose the best logs, splitting the pieces into kindling with a well-made axe, planning a big meal and cooking it slowly with your friends and family around you. Something as simple as a fire lit in the centre of your garden, on the beach, or in your favourite spot in the woods (along with a little lucky good weather) can be enough to shape a brilliant weekend outdoors that keeps you buzzing all week. A stove is a hub to sit round and cook together, enough warmth to keep you outside long after the sun's gone down, a chimney puffing out smoke drawing neighbours and new friends around you.