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Winter Warmer Offer Now Live

By Mandy Cronje Nov 28, 2018 5:54:24 PM




The rain is pelting down, the wind howling. Getting out of bed in the morning feels like The. Hardest. Thing. To. Do. So when the office is quiet first thing in the morning, and the fire-lighting ritual is up for grabs, getting those flames roaring becomes a very pleasing pastime....


Our fiery office Fintan works around the clock, heating up the space and offering us the means upon which to make proper stove-top brews (always tastes better when it's boiled by a wood fire!).

So all this toasty-ness and the fireside feeling and the wet, windy weather has led us to conclude that we need to pass the blaze on and fire up the festive season for you all. Cue, the 'Winter Warmer Offer' (adding coupon WW2018 to the basket). A perfect package of goodies to turn up the heat for you or the adventurous one in your life, and to kickstart the joys of outdoor, life-to-the-full type living. Here's what you'll get and how to get it:


Frontier Wood Burning Stove



The Frontier Stove

A favourite among many, with origins in humanitarian aid, the Frontier Stove is perfectly portable and ideal for those who enjoy starting, stoking and perfecting their fire technique, with the added benefit of cooking space for a couple of pans or a kettle for a cuppa. Made from cold-rolled steel and designed to carry you through the seasons, this carry stove would be a great gift idea for the one who is adventurous at heart.


Frontier Stove Carry Bag



The Carry Bag

The Frontier stove flue sections pack down and can be stored in the stove belly; the legs fold up leaving a compact body that tucks neatly into this nifty carry bag. Sling over the shoulder and let the adventure begin! One of our lovely customers has even customised his bag so that he can carry it on his back like a rucksack for longer trips into the woods - genius! 




Wood Burning Stove Multi Tool



The Multi-Tool

Now, some would look at this implement and query what on earth it is. We have the answer! It's a great stove tool with many uses - perfect for using with the Frontier stove. These beauties are handmade in our workshop and have a stylish oak handle, making sure you look - and act - the part. The little 'hook' bit is great for lifting up the stove top plate when it is hot, and the pokey bit is great for - well - poking in the fire!




Eco Fuel Pack

The Fuel

No fire is able to start without something to start it with! And there is much to be said about our eco fuel and why we absolutely love the stuff. Quite simply, it's kind to our planet, burns very clean and is hugely efficient. The quintessential accompaniment to the Frontier stove, our Eco Fuel Pack comes with 9 logs, a bunch of kindling, some matches and 3 flamers (or firestarters - made from natural materials). This little bundle makes sure you are completely 'fire-ready'!





So. Winter Warmer Offer explained. All of the above for £199 (excl. shipping), which means a saving of £53 (or 21%). We think that's a deal that will warm the cockles of your heart, but then again we would think that, being passionate about good fire and all that. Getting the offer is as easy as clicking this button:


Get the Winter Warmer Offer


... and adding the coupon 'WW2018' to your basket...



Go on. Do it.

Give the gift of adventure this festive season!





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