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What's in a name?

By Holly Carberry May 8, 2018
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When we get the chance to catch up with customers at shows, at Anevay HQ or on the phone, we're often asked what the name Anevay means (and how to pronounce it - AN-evay or An-ee-vay are both right!).

Frontier badge with netherton pot

It's a Native American word meaning 'superior', and we chose it because we set out to make products that were built to last, products with real thought behind them, with a history and focus on quality and sustainability. When we launched Anevay, we wanted to set ourselves apart from the throwaway culture that had started to take hold in the outdoor community, and in the world in general: cheap tents designed to be used once and left behind at a festival and plastic mass-produced gear that ended up gathering dust in the garage.

We wanted to focus on crafstmanship, community and cooking really good food, and we knew fire was at the centre of this. The Frontier, originally designed to provide much-needed relief for victims of natural disasters in need of a safe and efficient way to cook, was our first product and embodies all the values we stick to today: functional design, built to stand up to the hardiest of conditions, to provide warmth where it's needed and cooking for large groups, where people could gather, talk and eat.

Making quality stoves that are built to last will always come first for us, but we also wanted to make sure we did everything else in the best way we could, from our manufacturing practices, to the way we treat the people we work with, to our carbon footprint. We work hard to ensure that every step of the manufacturing process when we make our stoves is ethical; that the factories we use have impeccable working conditions and take care of their workers. We also wanted to try to lessen the impact that we as a company had on the planet, so we started planting a tree for every stove we sold (and every stove we'd every sold or donated). We're aiming to completely get rid of all the plastic in our packaging by the end of 2018 generally reduce the amount of waste we produce across every level of production.

Aside from our commitment to making the best stoves out there, there's another reason we picked Anevay as our name. Community, food and fire all play a big part in Native American culture, three things that form the cornerstones of who we are and what we love at Anevay. In fact, these three things are universal across all cultures, right back to the first tribes of modern humans, and they've remained there for hundreds of thousands of years. Fire and food connect people even when they don't speak the same language; it's a way of sharing cultures and making friends that always works.

To finish we thought we'd share a review from a lovely customer that we think sums up everything we try to achieve as a company. 

'I would like to thank Anevay for their recent help with a company who sadly haven't got the same level of customer support. We purchased a Frontier Plus stove and installed it in a bell tent, the flashing kit sold by the other company degraded on the first usage. The company then argued every technicality that they could to prevent replacing a clearly faulty item. I contacted Anevay for some technical details, however they went a step further providing a suitable collar replacement, without question. Their proactive interaction during the purchase process, and dedication to support once their item has been used by customers is amazing. I can't thank your team enough, and we will continue to recommend your items.'

- Tony

Feedback from our amazing customers makes it all worthwhile for us, so do get in touch and tell us what you loved, what we could do better and all about the adventures you have with your stove!

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