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Anevay Stoves in Tipis

By Holly Carberry Oct 3, 2017 3:14:16 PM
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Is there anything better on a rainy autumn day than a cosy tipi, bedecked with fairy lights and equipped with a roaring woodburning stove? We don't think so. Last week the Anevay team headed up to The Glamping Show at Stoneleigh to spread the word about Anevay stoves in the glamping industry, and fit a couple of stoves in the The Tipi Company's gorgeous tipis.

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Stove weather

As it turned out, the weather was terrible, which made it lovely weather for stoves! The show crowds gathered around our Tana Stove, fitted in the centre of a giant tipi with wooden benches snuggled around the fire. We got to talk to lots of excited people about the stoves and how they're made, which is one of our favourite things to do.

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HETAS-Approved Flue Kit

One of the exciting new products we launched at show was our HETAS-Approved Flue Kit. We work with lots of large glamping sites, supplying stoves and flue so they can keep their tents and huts cosy and stay open right through the year. To make sure the stoves are set up in the simplest and safest way for their customers, we put together a flue kit that's been approved by HETAS, the UK's governing body on stoves and flue. It includes everything you need to fit a stove in a bell tent, yurt or shepherd's hut, including premium insulated flue and an anti-downdraft cowl. 

HETAS kit colalge.jpg

HETAS-Approved Flue Kit


Want to put a stove in your tipi?

If this post has inspired you and you've got a tipi you'd like to fit a tipi stove (teepee stove?) in, you've come to the right place! We can tell you everything you need to know about stoves in tipis (stoves in teepees?). Depending on the size of your tipi, we'd suggest:

A small tipi (3-5m²)     The Shepherd Stove

A medium tipi (6-9²)    The Traveller Stove OR The Fintan Stove

A giant tipi (10m² +)    The Tana Stove


outside pics_36.jpg Limited green stove-734095-edited-934621-edited.jpg Fintan-38-1-193365-edited-248933-edited-986271-edited.jpg image (10)-332295-edited.jpg


When it comes to flue, there are two types of tipi tent:

Tipis with a pre-fitted flue port. These are usually more portable and made of a polycotton material, like a Tentipi or Helsport tipi tent.

Traditional tipis. These will usually have a 'crown' at the top of the tipi, where the poles connect, with a hole in the top for a flue to fit through (below left), if you'd like the stove to sit in the centre of your tipi. You can also fit the flue out through a side wall (below right), if you'd rather have the stove towards the wall.


outside pics_43-202080-edited.jpgcropped 4-219384-edited.jpg


The Tipi Company, who we worked with at the glamping show, had an amazing range of tipi tents; all the way from a tipi just big enough for a double bed and a woodburner, to huge 'big hat' tipis that link together with tunnels. 

If you're thinking about setting up glamping accomodation and would like to keep your season going through the colder months by installing woodburners - or you've got your own tipi and you love the idea of winter camping - have a look at our range and feel free to contact us if you've got any questions!

Trust us: snuggling around a roaring fire with a big pan of hot apple cider simmering away on top is one of life's great experiences. Get involved.





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